With the increase in cases of abuse in our society and the feeling of helplessness/harassment by young campus women, “Feel My Pulse” is a program designed to expose different causes/types of abuse and their psychological/psychiatric effects. This program was pioneered by S.W.A.T. Leadership Academy of the International Church of Christ Nigeria. Some of these young women do not know where to run to, some have been brain washed to hold on to family secrets while others resort to addictions as a coping mechanism. As a result, we invited the following qualified therapists to speak with the girls with the aim of addressing these issues.

  • Mrs. Esther Adekoya is a writer, emotional health therapist, poet, film producer, dramatist and psychologist. She taught a class on the Psychological Effect of Abuse.
  • Mrs. Cecilia Hopo spoke on the Causes of Abuse. She is Chief Executive Officer at the Lagos State Ministry for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation. She is also a Managerial Psychologist.
  • Mrs. Folake Matuluko who is a Development Practitioner and Country Projects Manager for the World Association of Girls Guide and Girls Scout, and who worked directly and indirectly with Hope worldwide , UNICEF, USAID and the Coca-Cola Foundation, also spoke on the Causes of Abuse.
  • Mrs. Julia Deiyi spoke on The Psychiatric Effects of Abuse. She is a registered Mental Health nurse, a counselor and an advocate. She currently works with Paroche Recuperation Home.
  • Mrs.Khadijat Ebitimi Sawari is a trained Behavioral/Speech Therapist who has carried out interventions with particular reference to drugs and alcohol She spoke on Addictions Caused by Abuse.
  • Mrs. Henrietta Emeh is a Christian counselor, human resource personnel for SWAT, and Women’s Ministry leader in ICOC Lagos. She spoke on the eyes and heart of Jesus Christ using Matthew 9:35 -36 and Matthew 11:28 as key scriptures.
All of the classes were very impactful along with the question and answer section. Speakers were gracious enough to provide help lines for further help and counselling. We hope and pray everyone will be aware of this menace that is crippling young women.

Shared from ICOC Nigeria