A couple of years ago, one of the disciples from the Buenos Aires campus ministry, Cristian, had a terrible accident at work. Boiling water fell all over him, and he was left with third degree burns and had to be in the hospital for months while he recovered. Even when he got out of the hospital he wasn’t able to go back home because the conditions of his house were not suitable for him to finish his recovery. During this hard time, many disciples visited him in the hospital, especially during the toughest times of his recovery. All he would say to them during this time was that he was going to bring his friends and family to God once he got out. Little did Cristian know that during the disciples’ hospital visits, his friends would be impacted through the love and support Cristian was receiving. During his recovery, his parents started going to the church and were baptized after a couple of months. One year later, his two best friends started going to the church, remembering all the love and support that their friend had received, and were baptized. Last year, almost two years after Cristian’s accident, his sister Milagros was baptized. This was such a victory for him and how faith in God can do so much. In addition to Milagros, three other students were baptized that day during our annual camp. Mariam, Iara and Paul all came from divorced families or families with a single parent. They are a great example of how even in darkness you can find the light. These four baptisms have been such an inspiration and have made a strong impact on the campus ministry and its growth. Over the past few years eldership training has been taking place, and with so much growth that the Argentina church has had over the years, it was finally time to name our first elders. In December 2017, Sebastian Serra and Alberto Polo were named elders with their wives alongside them (pictured above). With this the church has been pushed to grow strong in every way possible, especially with the mission. These are the first elders in our fellowship in all of South and Central America, with what we hope will be many more to come. And finally, in March 2018, four campus Bible Talk leaders and two interns were sent out on a mission to the Nacional University of San Martin (metropolitan area of Buenos Aires) where they are building up the campus ministry for the church that will be planted there by the end of May this year.