Under the spirit of 1 Peter 3:15, the app First Principles was developed over seven years ago to help disciples study the Bible using today’s tools. We are excited to announce that we have recently added the Android version and have synchronized the code! Since the app’s inception, our biggest request has been to add an Android version. Android users account for more than 80 percent of world mobile users so it is encouraging to now be able to spread God’s word to a wider population through technology. The IOS and Android versions now look and act the same. So, you can have multiple people using different mobile OS devices that share the same user experience and keep the focus on studying the word.

Unified Programming

We started out on IOS because our main developer, Ron Booth, was writing IOS apps. This all changed a few months ago when he surprised us with a beta Android version using a tool that programs both versions from the same code. Essentially, Ron re-wrote the app from scratch, again. Why did it take so long you may ask? It took us seven years to move from exclusively IOS into Android mostly due to the team doing this in it’s own free time as a self-funded project.

Added Bonus

This unified approach allows us to add other churches’ studies to both platforms simultaneously. Therefore, when a church requests their study to be added, we don’t have to work twice as hard to code. We’ve had many church member request to add their churches own set of studies and we appreciate this desire. For studies to be set up in the app, the request and authorization would need to be submitted to us directly by church leadership.

Where to Find First Principles Bible Study App

Android users can download the app by clicking here. IOS users can download the app by clicking here.

Ron Booth, Vince Vogel and Ed Partch are development team. You can find us at cheapbrain.com. Special thanks to the following people who have helped convert study series into HTML for the app: Alejandro Aguilar, Ryan Beverly, Marta Graham, Gary Loh, Hunter Vallot and Katherine Vogel. For more resources, visit the ICOC Resources page here.