Is there a creator-sustainer God, or can science explain everything there is about the universe? What do atheists believe, and do their beliefs make any sense? Is the Bible divinely inspired, or is it just a collection of old myths handed down through the generations? If all religions are basically the same, how can Christianity claim to be the one true path to God? In today’s era of social media and instant information, everyone needs a healthy dose of skepticism. But should matters involving faith be exempt? Certainly not! Teenagers are naturally and rightly skeptical as they mature, gain independence and develop their own sense of individuality. From Facts to Faith is a devotional series designed to help teens thoughtfully and productively examine matters of faith. It is also designed to aid teens in developing critical thinking skills and put them on the life-long road of satisfying their own doubts. Ultimately it is on this road where their faith will become certain, unshakable, and worth sharing. The teen evidences curriculum can be downloaded by clicking here. It is simple, written at a basic level, and intended to be presented in class series format. Much of the material has been adapted from Answering Skeptics.