From December 3-6, 2023, the Global Missions Service Team (GMST) met in person for inspiring discussions about how to take the best news there has ever been around the globe. The GMST is composed of representatives from our 13 mission societies worldwide. The team is represented by disciples from Bangkok, Thailand; China; the Middle East, Texas (US), and beyond.

Our meetings together focused on:

  • Best Practices: Delving into board governance, legal intricacies, and other operational essentials
  • Communications: Unleashing the potential of platforms like the All Nations App, alongside the creative power of videos to disseminate the message far and wide
  • Vision & Strategy: Crafting Step 1 with “Eyes That See” and charting the course for subsequent steps

Beyond the amazing times of bonding over meals, an exciting Sunday service and fun, the group dove into deep issues of how to best inspire our fellowship for missions, equity among the mission societies, and uniting the generations in our cause.

In May 2024, our group is planning a month of missions entitled “Eyes That See.” Through the use of videos during March and April meant to inform and inspire, we hope to prepare hearts for a worldwide effort where we dream globally but then act locally.

If God gives it to us, in May 2024, we hope to have as many disciples as possible jump on the free All Nations App to find daily 60-90 second videos of inspiration from around the world. Then through the rhyming words of “Plead, Seed & Need,” we can all remember to daily cry out to our Father in prayer, share our faith with those around us, and give sacrificially to the cause of spreading Jesus around the world.

For all of us on the service team, the few days together were so refreshing as we lifted our eyes once again to focus on God’s heart – the salvation of all nations. Beyond just our local spot on the map, there is something larger at work here and we can all be a part of it, for the glory of God.