Join us in prayer through the ICOC Global Prayer Chain

By God’s grace, we are blessed in New England with harmony and partnership that strengthens, builds up, and encourages. Please join us in prayer for God’s continued blessings and growth:

  • 3,600 disciples
  • 11 churches ranging in size from 38 to 2,200 members.

2020 Vision: As the year 2020now rushes toward us, we stand amazed at what God’s Spirit has accomplished.

  • Four new churches have been planted and/or renewed in Storrs, CT; Burlington, VT; Portland, ME; and Providence, RI.
  • One more is planned during this decade – in Leominster/Fitchburg, MA.

Missions Sacrifice:

  • New England and European Missions. All New England Churches sacrifice together.
  • The Boston church annually gives over $1 million for missions – both foreign and domestic.
  • Over 55 churches have been planted around the world from the Boston and New England churches.

New England School of Missions (NESM): Doug Arthur, Valdur Koha, Mike Van Auken, and Kevin Miller have spearheaded efforts to train ministers through NESM. Many young, zealous followers of Christ are now being once again sent off to serve in congregations around Europe and New England.

Prayer Requests: We appreciate and need your prayers. In my recent study of the book of John, I have seen this amazing connection to God giving us what we ask as we focus solely on glorifying Him and not ourselves (John 14:13-14; John15:7-8, 16; John 16:23-24; etc.).

  • Northern New England – Burlington, New Hampshire(Granite State) and Portland (Casco Bay).
  • Southern and Western New England – Worcester, MA; Springfield, MA (Pioneer Valley); Hartford, CT; Bridgeport, CT (Southern Connecticut); Groton/New London, CT; Storrs, CT; Providence, RI (Ocean State).
  • Boston Area – Regions: Northeast, Northwest, Downtown, Central, Metro, Southern Cities, Southern Coastal, & Spanish. Church Staff and 14 Elders
  • Northeast Christian Conference “Thrive”: July 20-22 in Providence, RI. Disciples from all of the New York and New England churches. Thousands will gather for inspiration, fellowship & life change. We want to ask God to bless this time for every attendee and for those who will become Christians because of the impact of this conference.
  • Individual request: For Wyndham Shaw, a beloved elder in Boston Church who has raised up so many elders and evangelists, as he fights a degenerative disease. Many others in our region struggle with cancer and more. Join us in praying for the great physician to heal and help.
  • Continued unity and growth: We desire happy and effective families, fruitful and fulfilled singles, dynamic and blonde college students, and pure-hearted and eager teens.
  • Next generation: Raising up new evangelists, elders and teachers, and Bible Talk Leaders. The older generation must mentor and the new generation must step up to their God-given destiny.
  • Evangelism: God would fan into flame our zeal to help multitudes more have a relationship with God as disciples of Jesus. That we can be a light in a culture of skepticism and educational pride.
  • Serving the poor: The Boston Church continues to be a model of service giving $1,000 per day to the poor and coordinating dozens of effective service projects. Our other New England churches each reach their community as well.

There is nothing more important than prayer. Thanks for your heart to cry out to our Father on New England’s behalf. We, too, will be praying for you.