The ICOC Communications and Administration Service Team is charged by the Delegates with meeting needs of our churches to connect and cooperate with each other to build up the body of Christ. See the recent report of the great ways God is providing for these connections among us.

1) 2010 DToday Support:

a. 54% of possible churches have committed
b. Disciples Today will be able to remove subscription feature with increased support
c. Disciples Today is a non-profit media company servicing ICOC churches
d. DToday websites received 542,524 visits over the last year from over 140 countries.

2) DT Heart & Soul update:

360 members from North America. more every day; Expand to other continents this year.

3) ICOC HotNews Videos

360 members from North America. more every day; Expand to other continents this year.


a. First livewebcast for ICMC, ILC and HOPEww Haiti Disaster Relief
b. 21,099 viewers; 136 countries; 650,057 minutes; 50,129total visits
c. Available for regional conferences

5) 2009 ICOC Church Membership Survey by Disciples Today

  • Evangelists Team will help gather info in future
  • Survey Results: See full report
  • Highlights:

The 2009 survey shows a continuing trend of approximately 4.4% growth since 2006.

· God grew our total membership by approximately 4,000 members from 2006 to 2009.

· At the end of 2009, the ICOC has about 92,524 members in 574 churches in 145 countries.

· For churches that participated in both the 2007 and 2009 surveys, about the same number of churches reported growth as those who reported decline or zero growth.

· Turn around among our largest churches has become clear. For the first time since 2001, our 20 largest churches reported a net gain in membership.

· 429 churches have committed to the Plan for United Cooperation. These represent 81,646 disciples or 88% of our total membership.

6) Administration

a. Coordinating various Service Teams
b. Publishing reports
c. Communicating with ICOC Delegates