Editor’s note: The following is shared from the North River Church of Christ newsletter. In 2011, God used my wife Sharon to make it clear that we were withering spiritually and needed a fresh start. Sharon suggested I call an old friend of mine, Antonio Boyd. At that time Antonio was working for HOPE worldwide and had visited many of the churches throughout the US. Antonio suggested we check out North River.

Our family was so inspired and encouraged by the love and faith of the North River family, specifically the leadership team, elders, Browns, Hickmans, Keens, Jacksons and the Youth & Family and campus ministries. As a result, our family was healed and our faith renewed. In 2012, three of our four daughters and one son-in-law became Christians. Sharon and I were hired as part-time ministers and we started a Christian counseling practice. In 2016, God used Sharon again, and we answered the call by God to be servant leaders for The Knoxville Church and delegates for the Mid-South region (the churches in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama). We are so thankful for our amazing journey and eternally grateful for the North River church. The past year was a very encouraging year for the church here. We saw three restorations, eight baptisms and had three families move to Knoxville! This is the most activity the church has experienced in a very long time. We are extremely excited about the potential growth for 2018.

In the past, the church has given $22,000 every year to support the church in Caracas, Venezuela. As the goal has always been met, we asked the church to pray and give to support our local and global missions. Last year we raised almost $50,000, which is the most the church has ever given. The youth and family and young professionals ministries started setting their foundations as well in 2017. The Knoxville Church is excited about growth in all areas of the church. Nic and Alyssa Crews lead the campus ministry here in Knoxville, a college town where The University of Tennessee alone has over 30,000 students. In the beginning of 2017, the campus ministry had four disciples. They are currently at 13 disciples! The campus ministry had seven baptisms this past year and had four move-ins from local teen ministries. The campus ministry has also been more unified and connected than ever. They have been involved in campus swaps, retreats, Campus Training Program (CTP), Europe summer missions, and creating amazing cross-ministry friendships. We are beyond grateful for all the support, love, encouragement, and partnership they have with the North River campus ministry and all of the staff. Love, The Staff of the Knoxville Church Anton & Sharon Ivy; Nic & Alyssa Crews.