Years of praying for her family bring glory and fruit to God

As a single mom of 22, years ago, I was invited to the Church of Christ by someone that started attending after leaving the church where he and I met. I was raised by a single mother myself, and at the time I had three-year-old son, Matthew. By faith I got baptized into Christ not knowing what was ahead of me.

God allowed me, in his goodness, to raise this young toddler as a kingdom kid. And “Amen”- he was baptized at 14, after a teen camp. Three years later, at 17, he had an idol enter his life. And this led him away from his first love of walking with God.

My fears for his salvation were strong and I wanted so much to protect him. On my knees, with loud cries and desperation, I poured my heart out to the only one who could save him. Meanwhile, I was also sharing the Gospel with my mother. My desire was to see her with Jesus for eternity as well.

For many many, many years I begged God, praying for Matthew to come back to his spiritual family, the church. They had taught him to love the Lord and be loved by the Lord. And “Amen!” again, back in December of 2017, he was restored! At that time he had a hard decision to make in order make Jesus his Lord. He had to choose Christ over his idols. And the same main idol, a relationship with his dear girlfriend of six and a half years, had to be placed on the altar. They broke up, and less than a month later, Sabia made Jesus Lord of her life too!

On top of all that good news, my mother whom I have been praying for for 19 years, also made the decision to make Jesus Lord of her life! My son and his former girlfriend remained active in the singles ministry waiting and praying to God to lead them in his will. And in June of 2018, they started dating again and are committed to keeping Jesus Lord of their lives.

Why am I sharing this with you? To inspire you, to let you know that God wants to bless you and answer your prayers! The God we serve is powerful and he has moved mountains in converting these hearts, believe me!! Please rejoice with me, sing songs of thanksgiving with me…not for me or because of me, but because of the mighty Lord and King that we serve! I pray that those reading this will catch a refreshed desire to pray for your loved ones, and remember not your time, but his! To him be the glory!