(This study is valuable for everyone but is especially important for “guilty souls” to grasp the grace, mercy and love of God)

John 1:14 (Tap to Expand)

  • Grace and truth often are contradictory qualities.  (Some people are brutally truthful and others merciful and gracious)
  • Jesus was full of both and we need to learn to embrace both.
  • This is not an either/or but rather a both/and choice.
  • Grace addresses the gap between Gods holiness and man’s weakness and failure. But is does not lower Gods standards down to man’s sinful behaviour, it rather lifts mankind up to Gods righteousness.

2 Peter 3:18 (Tap to Expand)

  • Understanding Jesus and his grace is not a once off thing. We need to continue to grow in embracing, understanding and accepting grace.
  • Guilty souls constantly feel unworthy, and failing to live up to the standards of scripture.
  • Definition of grace: “Unmerited kindness and mercy”
  • Grace is what makes up the difference between human weakness and Gods’ holiness. Grace is our safety net.
  • An Example: When building the Golden Gate bridge a number of workers fell to their deaths. They paused the construction and built a safety net to catch falling workers.  Interestingly once the net was in place not one worker fell off the bridge.  (Grace is our safety net)

2 Corinthians 5:14-20 (Tap to Expand)

  • Christ’s love, sacrifice and his grace that has been poured out into our lives compels us to no longer live for self, but rather for Christ and his mission.
  • Q. How do we view people from a worldly point of view? (race, economic status, tribe, gender etc…)
  • As Christians we rather view people from a spiritual point of view (lost and needing the gospel, or saved and your brother and sister in Christ)
  • As Christians we have all been given the ministry of reconciliation as a job. Pleading with lost people to be reconciled with God, and a job title “Ambassadors of God’s grace.”

Matthew 18:21-35 (Tap to Expand)

A parable is an earthly story with a spiritual meaning

• This story tells us of someone who received a great deal of mercy and

forgiveness and yet did not show that same degree of mercy to others.

• In this parable we are the servant that has received mercy from God

(the master).  The message for us is show that same degree of mercy and forgiveness to others.

• Q. Is there someone you have not forgiven for the hurt or harm they

have done to you? Is there someone you are harsh and judgmental towards?

For further study