Gabby Gonko made Jesus the Lord of her life and was baptized in Talkeetna, Alaska, on July 1st. Gabby came to Alaska earlier this summer to intern for the Great Land Christian Church’s Gateway to the Arctic Camp. She found the internship while looking for opportunities related to sustainable agriculture. Although she wasn’t a disciple at the time, the Great Land Christian Church hired her and sisters in her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota began studying the Bible with her before she left.

After arriving, Gabby continued to study the Bible with disciples in Alaska and pursued a relationship with God. While studying the Bible, she was able to participate in Jesus’ ministry of service alongside disciples on a daily basis. In addition to the work in sustainable agriculture she came to do, Gabby has spent the summer serving people with special abilities and even helped run a HOPE Volunteer Corps that took place at the camp.

This is the third time the Gateway to the Arctic Camp has hired someone who wasn’t a disciple for its summer internship, and to God’s glory all three are faithful disciples today! Through these conversions, God has demonstrated how evangelism and service go hand-in-hand.