God is working powerfully in the Spanish-speaking Southern Cone of South America. Something historic happened over the last 12 months as three brothers were appointed elders. It is truly exciting to see local men raising up to become shepherds and part of the main leadership of our churches in the Southern Cone. We are also moved by the way 2019 is starting. The church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia had a great retreat that ended with a baptism. In La Paz, Bolivia the father of one of our sister’s was baptized into Christ. In Chile we had three restorations, one baptism and a wedding in the first three months of the year. The brotherhood in Argentina invested heavily in a new mission field in the city of San Luis. Many of the campus students from the capital spent a month of their vacation to share their faith, hold Bible talks and preach the good news of Jesus Christ. As a result, the Lord gave the church in San Luis four baptisms, and many more are studying the Bible. Last but not least we are grateful about the Lord providing a new leadership couple for the church in Asuncion Paraguay. Araujo and Valeria moved with their three children from South Africa to Asuncion to serve leading the church. In a very short time the disciples in Asuncion have been encouraged, with many friends coming to their Sunday services and many who have been wandering in their faith returning back to God and his family.

Please pray for our part of the world as we strive to love God and love one another in perfect unity.