Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! – Philippians 4:4

It is with great joy and praise to God that the Greater Baltimore Church announces the appointment of three elders on Sunday, December 18, 2022. This appointment comes after many years of prayer, study, and seeking the Lord’s will. In 1 Timothy 3 as well as Titus 1 the Bible provides rigorous standards for those aspiring to eldership. The Baltimore Church—led by lead evangelist Scott Davis and his wife Dionne Davis—has been conscientious in its efforts to identify men, along with their wives, whose lives exemplify those attributes stipulated in the Bible.

The church has sought and received input and counsel from the elders in many of our sister churches

including but not limited to the Greater Philadelphia Church and the Potomac Valley Church. We are indebted to our brothers and sisters who have contributed much to these appointments. A component of the process of identifying those who are not only biblically qualified but also desirous of the eldership has been an extensive training period in which candidates gain a deeper understanding of the roles, dynamics, and responsibilities of an elder. The church leadership has also sought the input of the local congregation to determine the reputation of the candidates both inside and outside of the church. The three men who have been selected are Barnabas Chukwueke (with his wife Bertha), Steve Rivera (with his wife Arlene), and Dale Porter (with his wife Thais). For decades these men and their wives have served tirelessly in churches across the country and internationally.

In addition to the appointment of elders, the Baltimore Church also takes great pleasure in recognizing Sherie Gayle as a teacher (pictured below). Her love of God, God’s word, and God’s people clearly indicate that this is a role for which she has long been qualified. Sherie has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Government and International Politics from George Mason University, a Master’s degree in Theology from Loyola University, Maryland, and is in the process of completing a Ph.D. in Theology and Religious Studies from Georgetown University. She is fluent in Spanish and French and is proficient in several other languages that aid in her biblical studies including Attic Greek, Latin, and Arabic. Her wealth of biblical knowledge has been a source of great insight and inspiration not only in the Baltimore church but within the American Commonwealth Region( ACR) and internationally. We know that as she continues her studies, God will continue to use her to strengthen the church in faith and maturity.

Again, we are thankful to all of our brothers and sisters throughout the ACR and elsewhere who have contributed to making this special day possible and we ask that you continue to pray for God’s blessings on the Baltimore Church.