We have been dreaming about this for a long time! In spite of a worldwide pandemic and now war just a few hours outside of Berlin, God has opened a door.

Come join us in our efforts to plant a church in the heart of Germany!

There have been disciples from our movement living in the Frankfurt Metropolitan area called Frankfurt/Rhein-Main on and off for more than three decades. The majority of them are working affiliated to US Airforce and US Army bases. Besides the city of Frankfurt itself, this economically well off area includes multiple smaller cities like Wiesbaden, Mainz, Darmstadt, Offenbach, Hanau of a hundred thousand inhabitants or more. All together there are 5.7 million souls within 40 minutes driving distance of Frankfurt!

Last year, everyone in the area came together with others from Germany to get a feel for each other and to explore if there would be an open door. It was overwhelming to see everyone’s hearts, willingness and desire to pull together and to plant a church. This year – following the example of the Antioch church (Acts 13) – the Berlin leadership team together with the whole church went through a period of prayer and fasting seeking God’s will. Believing that God has set Mathis and Myriam Wosegien aside for this very work, they made a step of faith to send them out this summer and to lead the efforts to officially plant the “Internationale Gemeinde Christi Frankfurt/Rhein-Main.”

Is God calling you to Frankfurt?

Here is how you can be part of this daring adventure:

  • Join us for a few days, weeks or months together we will meet people and share our faith and the radiant love of Christ to a world searching for meaning and in desperate need of a relationship with God
  • Check out job opportunities in the area and pray for God’s guidance: Maybe God is calling you to Frankfurt as well!
  • Above all: please pray for God’s guidance in the midst of the challenges Europe is facing this year and to prepare the hearts of people in the Greater Frankfurt area.

If you want to connect with Mathis and Myriam or just stay updated through our newsletter, please send an email to: frankfurt@bgchristi.de.

Special thanks go to all the disciples and churches who are supporting this effort also financially directly or indirectly through the European Missions Society (EMS)!