Greetings from Long Beach, California! 2020 presented so many unique challenges for our churches. In the Greater Long Beach Church (a ministry of the Los Angeles ICOC), as challenging as the year was, we made attempts to view the opportunities God was presenting to pivot and leverage the gifts and resources amongst the church to help others find our strength in Christ.

Our media team has been hard at work producing some resources that we wanted to share that hopefully will encourage and inspire others during these times.

Our podcast, “Embrace The Chaos,” has interviews and resources about marriage, family, and faith and has a new episode every month.

Our women’s ministry has been producing a great video series, “Embracing Truth,” which can be found at our YouTube channel.

And lastly, something we are very excited about and inspired by is a new video series highlighting stories of different members of our church entitled, “WORTHY.” These stories show that although we may see ourselves as ‘unworthy’ of God’s love, he sees us as absolutely ‘worthy.’

Visit us at our YouTube channel for this content and also music videos. You can also find this content at or

We have been inspired to see this time as an opportunity to try different things, as many others have as well, and our hope is to simply encourage and inspire others as we continue ‘moving people toward Christ.’