Would you like to start a grief journey support group in your local church? My wife and I have been leading a grief journey ministry for the last two years. We will host a two-day workshop in Mexico City (Santa Monica Region) from October 28-29, from 5-7 pm (CST).

Grief journey ministry training opportunity offered by Jorge and Patty Diaz in Mexico City.

To date, we have supported Christians from Mexico, the USA, Canada, Colombia, and Peru, and look forward to helping those living in Honduras, Chile, and Bolivia.

People in different stages of life, such as marrieds, singles, widows, teens, and adults have benefited from the support group. Others who’ve attended include ministers, Bible teachers, and pastors. We’ve also offered support to people outside of our fellowship who have experienced loss. This provided us with great opportunities to reach out to our neighbors.

Experiencing loss doesn’t just happen at one stage of our lives or when we lose a loved one. Traumatic events include the breakup of a relationship, divorce, abandonment of a child by one or both of their parents, and the loss of a job. These losses impact our health, emotions, finances and, of course, our family and spiritual lives. God’s plan embraces us through loss and suffering (Hebrews 5:8, 1 Peter 5:10, 2 Corinthians 12:9).

The grief journey ministry implemented in the church in Mexico City’s Santa Monica region is, above all, a support group that provides space for emotional relief, a time to listen to each other with mercy, patience, and goodwill. This is why we now extend this two-day training to Christians who want to start a similar group in their local churches.

For more information about the upcoming workshop, email us at: jtejada31@yahoo.com