For many reasons, the disciples in Jamaica were delighted to see Hanniff Miller appointed as an evangelist on Sunday, February 12, 2023. They had seen Hanniff grow up from infancy to become the powerful man of God that he is today. Hanniff started attending the Kingston Church of Christ in 1991 at the tender age of six when his mother became a disciple. He was baptized in 2010 after returning from academic studies in France. His fluency in French, and his studies in political science, landed him a job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade where his service was highly valued and he was an important member of the team at the ministry. Hanniff made a great sacrifice when he accepted the request to become the church’s Youth and Family Minister, as he was due to be assigned to an overseas post. With the wholehearted support of his wife, Antonette, Hanniff resigned from his post and entered the full-time ministry.

He was a natural fit for the youth and family ministry. His shepherding heart, fun-loving spirit, and relatability won over the trust of the youths and parents. But his impact has been felt far beyond the youth and family ministry. His love for other languages gave his preaching depth and perspective, his wise advice among his peers on staff helped with making good decisions, and his advice to parents showed maturity beyond his life experiences. It was no wonder that he received a standing ovation from the island-wide congregation during his appointment. Through his tears, he expressed his gratitude for the church for what it had done for him and his family and explained that his service to the church sprung from that gratitude. Then the three other evangelists serving the church in Jamaica, Craig Reynolds, Kirk Spencer, and Gregory Baugh, laid their hands on Hanniff and prayed for him.

This appointment was a significant step for the churches in Jamaica. It is one more leader that has been raised up locally. The church now has four Jamaican evangelists, two Jamaican and one Trinidadian women’s ministry leader, and an outstanding teacher. Furthermore, the church is about to appoint its first elders. These men and their wives are outstanding people of God. Each of them has been a disciple for decades and has provided godly leadership to God’s people for years. The Holy Spirit is at work in Jamaica, and we look forward to all that God will do with the formation of a dynamic team.