“I will perpetuate your memory through all generations; therefore the nations will praise you for ever and ever.” -Psalm 45.17

On August 4th, 2019, with family and friends in attendance, Matt and Veronique Webber were appointed evangelist and women’s ministry leader in Hartford, Connecticut. The Webbers have been serving in the UConn ministry of The Heart for Greater Hartford Church of Christ for the past five years.

The Webbers moved to Hartford from Savannah, GA in 2014. Before coming to Hartford, Matt served as ministry leader for the Savannah church while Veronique completed her Master’s program in Speech & Language Therapy. After they were appointed and prayed over by the elders, Veronique shared and Matt preached a powerful lesson urging all in attendance to pursue God as the ‘Perfect One’.

Matt became a disciple in Los Angeles as a teen and Veronique as a student at UGA, where they met. Both Matt and Veronique were appointed while their parents looked on. Matt’s parents, Doug and Joanne were in attendance from the LA church where Doug serves as an elder. Other family that are members of the New York church, came to support as well. Veronique’s mother flew in from Georgia to view the recognition of her daughter and son-in-law. It truly was a family affair.

The Webbers are an incredible ministry couple whose integrity, faith, warmth, and talent made them effective ministry leaders. They have a unique ability to build fun and family in their ministries. Matt is one of the best preachers of his generation while Veronique’s shepherd’s heart and care have helped them to be powerful in the Lord.

The Webbers will begin a new role in the Boston church starting on September 1st.