On April 13, over 100 disciples made up of church staff, elders, and lay leaders from the Heartland Region family of churches met in Kansas City for the second time in eight months. Our goal was to pursue unity, leadership development, and discuss plans for planting new churches as well as strengthening existing churches in the region. This inaugural spring meeting capitalized on the spirit and energy that was produced by the group’s initial meeting in the fall of 2018. The group heard a lesson on prioritizing important ministry tasks by Ed Anton, who also taught the staff for two days prior for our annual Spring Staff Retreat. Ed’s teachings on “Deliberate Discipleship” and “Staying Gold” provided the regional leadership with a unified perspective on training ourselves and those we serve.

Everyone left inspired, hopeful and challenged to pray for our dreams to plant new churches and to see all of nine of our existing churches grow to over 100 disciples! Please join us in prayer for those dreams, as well as our plans to develop the Heartland Missions Society, which will be a collective effort between our nine churches to fund these missions plans. Please continue to pray for the Heartland’s unity, leadership development, as well as our plans to plant new churches while strengthening all of the churches in our four states of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas!