I have never battled fear to this degree in my entire life! It comes from all sides, from worry over my 82-year-old mother’s ability to fight the Coronavirus, to fear that my daughter, a front-line nurse, would not be able to fight it due to having severe asthma. Since she lives with me and my husband (who also has asthma), would we become infected? Just today I learned that a man I know personally is in an induced coma to fight COVID-19. I have friends who know people who have died from this disease. As I allow God’s word to calm me, it helped me to apply the faith in Hebrews 11 to today (though I in no way am attempting to add to scripture). I hope it gives you faith in our amazing Lord too!

By faith, God’s church practiced social distancing to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. They worshipped the Lord together through live-streaming services.

Be faith, Jesus’ disciples continued to study the Bible with those searching for truth and comfort, through the use of Skype, Zoom and FaceTime.

By faith, parents prayed for patience with their bored school children, stuck at home, who have had enough of e-learning.

By faith, Christians offered to go to the stores to buy food for the elderly and those most at risk.

By faith, God’s servants prayed for healing for people around the globe, for those who are dying from COVID-19 in hospital beds alone, and for families who can’t meet to bury their loved ones.

By faith, we understand that God will not give us more than we can handle but will instead give peace that passes understanding. We know that our brothers and sisters around the world are undergoing the same kind of suffering.

By faith, amidst lost jobs, crashing stock market, and an uncertain economic future we are reminded that the Lord has numbered the very hairs on our heads. He tells us not to be afraid and not to worry about tomorrow.

And what more shall I say? I do not have time to tell about the front-line healthcare workers, the scientists, and world government leaders who through faith treated infected patients tirelessly, worked round-the-clock to develop a vaccine, implemented plans to slow the spread of the Coronavirus and made difficult decisions. We are reminded that God wants us to cast our anxieties on Him because He cares for us, and that the perfect love of our Father casts out fear.

By faith, disciples of Jesus did not shrink back in spreading the good news of Jesus’ forgiveness, longing for a healthier world and for the day that they will again leave their homes to hug friends, family and neighbors, and continue living for the One who created them.