I am a proud member of the Port of Spain Church of Christ (POSCOC) in the beautiful twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), West Indies. Collectively, we number approximately 275, with about 70% of our congregation based in the Northern part of Trinidad. There are three other sectors in T&T and I am privileged to belong to a small group in South Trinidad creatively called “The South Sector”. We are a diverse little group: 21 disciples at various stages of life (teens, singles, marrieds and matures – ranging in age from 15 to 82), with a good representation of T&T’s demographics. And we are led by a single brother and a single sister! The POSCOC currently has just three full time staff members: Nanieño & Merlene La Fleur who lead the church, and our Administrative Assistant – Patricia Baptiste. In the South Sector (affectionately just called “South”) we were in need of point leadership for a number of years, though we had a wonderful team who met consistently to ascertain and meet the needs of our small group to the best of our limited ability. Perhaps due to the overarching paradigm that still pervades much of our worldwide movement that ministries, sectors, churches, etc must be led by a married couple, people kept hoping that one would rise up or be appointed to lead us, but that did not materialize. So, in 2014 an amazing, young, single man stepped up and said “I’ll do it! I’ll lead the Sector!” Anthony Tang Foon chose to not be confined by traditional roles, but desired to meet the immediate need. He was just 5 years old in the faith and he and I had been leading the Singles Ministry in South. Then we became the parents for the entire Sector. Yes, I am the single sister who leads in South. This was an unprecedented move, and the transition did not come without reservations and resistance as some still felt a married couple was the only way to go. After all, it was all we had ever known in our 25 years of POSCOC existence. When Anthony and I started leading the Sector, one of the first things we did was restructure the Family Groups (Bible Talks). We previously followed the “Singles only”, “Marrieds only” and “Matures only” groups model (our teens fell in with their parents and the churchwide Teens ministry). But without any married couples available to lead the marrieds Family Group at the time, we decided to have two mixed Family Groups, each composed of members from all life stages. Anthony and I led one group, while our assistants from the Singles Ministry – Aneil Choon and Debbie-Ann Dyer – took up the charge to lead the second group. Though born of necessity, we grew to love the family dynamics of these new groups – just like many of our own natural families where we have kids, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. – you get the gist. Everyone benefits from sharing in the varied perspectives and experiences each life stage brings. As with all families, we’ve had our share of issues and situations, and wounded hearts that need(ed) healing, but we continue to strive to apply biblical principles to bring godly resolutions. Anthony and I are very different! We come from different ethnic backgrounds and literally grew up in different eras (I am physically and spiritually older by 19 and 17 years respectively). He is a pragmatic Engineer while I majored in Psychology and have an artsy/creative soul. But in Christ we’ve built a wonderful friendship that transcends our differences. Our commitment to our personal walks with God along with our respect for and submission to each other guided us as we led South together. Our genuine sibling love helped us be each other’s strength when we struggled individually in our faith at various points. We were also able to honestly talk things through as occasionally, we drove each other crazy or had disagreements. In the absence of a lot of external assistance, we were lovingly supported by our amazing South leadership team who continue to be strong armor bearers in this spiritual battle! Though we have full-time, highly-demanding secular jobs and pressing family issues, we were willing and grateful to be used by God to serve our Sector in this way. In late 2017, for personal reasons, Anthony stepped down from leading the South Sector, but continues to lead our Family Group. While we figure out who the next Sector leader will be, we are supported by the La Fleurs and a few brothers from the wider church. Additionally, Aneil, the other Single brother in our ministry, volunteered to be the point person who coordinates and organizes as required. It is my deepest conviction that Singles are flat-out amazing. We are incredible, valuable and indispensable kingdom resources; not just for the Singles Ministry, but wherever God chooses to use us. He loves and believes in us where we’re at right now! We can lead Bible Talks, Sectors, Regions and Churches because we’re never alone – besides God being with us, we are a part of a family where almost everyone will pitch in and work together for the greater good of all! We are worthy of special attention and spiritual investment to maximize our potential. Our only limits are the ones we place on ourselves or allow cultural and traditional norms to place on us. But let’s throw those off, stand up and confidently say, “Here we are! Send us!”