The Bible paints an incredible picture for us of the joys that await us in heaven, but even as disciples, we often age with a growing apprehension about what our passing will be like. Not so with Dorothy Cain Ross-Willstein, who had a very Biblical understanding of what awaited her at her passing.

This video, created a week or so before her death, expresses an incredible, faithful joy at the prospect. Dorothy was converted in 1987 with the help of Dana Hawkins. She was part of the ICOC in Chicago (where she married her beloved Charlie “Cowboy” Willstein) and Indianapolis. She was a humble servant, in many ways like a modern-day Tabitha. Though poor herself, she likely gave more to the church pantry than anyone, quietly showing up Sundays with bags of groceries.

She not only raised her own son, but became a mother to a number of women over the years. She used her gifts in sewing to serve many. She persevered through Cowboy’s dementia and faithfully cared for him even as she was stricken with cancer herself. Throughout these trials, she never complained. She earned the nickname “Perma-grin” for her bright smile. Her spirit remained undiminished to the end.