Encourage the seeker that he/she will indeed receive the gift of God’s Holy Spirit.

After baptism, we are sustained by the help of the Spirit.

He works powerfully in the life of every baptized disciple of Christ.

You may want to combine this study with a study of the Church, as both gifts (the Spirit and the Church) from God help us hold fast to our confession to the end.

Acts 2:36-38 (Tap to Expand)

Notice the harmony with John 3:5 and Titus 3:5 (perhaps from a previous study on baptism).

At baptism, we are born again via water and the Spirit. As we are made holy by Jesus’ blood, we are also filled with the Holy Spirit.

John 7:37-39 (Tap to Expand)

  • After Jesus’ glorification (crucifixion and resurrection), God sent His Spirit to flow from within us like streams of running water. Previously (OT), the Spirit came upon people. Now, He dwells within us.

John 16:5-11 (Tap to Expand)

  • The Spirit convicts us (and the world) with regard to sin, righteousness, and judgment.
  • He does this abundantly through His Word, which He gave to the Apostles as they were guided into all truth (John 16:13).

Ephesians 3:14-21 (Tap to Expand)

  • We are strengthened with real power through the Spirit who dwells within us. Understanding Jesus’ amazing love for us is a source of that strength.

Romans 8:5-16 (Tap to Expand)

  • A powerful statement on the Spirit’s role in our Christian walk.
  • A Spiritual mindset brings life and peace, and obedience to God’s word.
  • Be secure that the Spirit of Christ dwells in you, thus you belong to Him.
  • The Spirit leads us into freedom from fear to confirm God as our Father.

Galatians 5:22-23 (Tap to Expand)

The fruit of the Spirit! Expect it. Pursue it.

This is the best evidence that ou have received the Hol Spirit.

Peter has preached the message of the cross. What are the next steps?

– Do you prefer the darkness over the light? Are you ready to move into the light of God’s grace?