Auntie Lin is the mother of our sister Winnie. She has an independent and tough spirit, raising up three children on her own. She had been a worshipper of the ancestors and was not interested in God. Occasionally she attended activities held by the “sisters under the cross” (single mothers or sisters with non-Christian spouses). Two years ago, urged by her daughter, she came to church but her Bible studies did not bring about change.

During the last Chinese New Year she was diagnosed with a relapse of cancer. After her daughter opened up to her in tears, she decided to study the Bible seriously. Although this time she welcomed the Bible with all her heart, a high-risk surgery was looming in two days. She quickly started studying the claims of Jesus. The race was on. Rebecca, Helen and Winnie studied the Bible with her for 10 hours, starting with a study about sin. She finished all the necessary studies and was baptized on Sunday, becoming a disciple after counting the cost!

Jesus looked at them and said, “ With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God, ” – Mark 10:27.

When Lin was studying about sin, she confessed her sins, decided to repent and courageously make up relationships with relatives which had been broken for years. The cross motivated her to come close to God, be a child again and express her feelings and gratitude. Previously she was used to taking everything upon her own shoulder without grumbling; now she humbly seeks advice from sisters in her own inadequacy. God has made this all happen and may he be glorified. AMEN!

Shared from the Hong Kong Church of Christ.