Greetings from the Hong Kong Church of Christ! We just kicked off our first congregational mid-week service in 2019 and would like to share with you some of our uplifting news.

The church has grown to past the 2000 mark. We appreciate so much our brothers and sisters who committed to building the church over the years. Having reflected in 2018, we have witnessed God’s greatness exerted. Many disciples were grateful and overjoyed at the baptisms of their families. Some disciples were blessed in their career, some in relationships and some in their health, receiving miraculous healing from God! 2018 had been a year full of God’s miracles; his love and grace inspired us all in many ways. On the other hand, we have seen many young people rising up as we’re preparing to pass the torch to our next generation while heading to the next 30 year mark. These young leaders are admirable. Their hearts are pure, passionate and humble to learn, yet they inspire mature disciples with their burning zeal! Moreover, the church has been growing when we utilize the talents in the church by forming new teams. Now we have not only regional groups, but also cross-region demographic serving teams in youth, campus, singles and family ministries, so as to serve the church holistically. God is gracious and we are blessed. Please continue to pray for us, pray that we will keep growing and maturing for God’s kingdom and at the same time, striving for his glory.