Throughout 2012 we have seen the unity between ICOC churches and HOPE worldwide continue to grow and strengthen in incredible ways. The members of the HOPE worldwide and Benevolence Committee have played an important role in forging greater unity.

This unity is forged through their support and service by continuing to meet together on a quarterly basis and active email exchanges of information.

The Committee is very thankful to the churches and all the saints for their tireless efforts on behalf of the poor. HOPE worldwide has been regularly featured in regional conferences and leadership gatherings. We pray that together we can achieve even greater things in serving the poor in the coming year. We are organized in three Subcommittee’s, and can report the following:

I. Church Relations Subcommittee Report

International Day of Giving:

2011 Update

2011 Church giving exceeded $1.1 Million for unrestricted giving – a more than $250,000 increase from 2010. More than $2.5 million was given combined unrestricted and restricted (including Abidjan) from churches and their members. New York, Chicago, LA and Boston were a huge part of this increase as we focused on the Top 4 churches this past year for giving.

2012 Plans

International Day of Giving will take place on Sunday, November 18, 2012. Plans include continued focus on Top 4 churches as well as the next top 12 in terms of membership numbers. There will be a more comprehensive view of church giving (from members, churches, disaster, restricted and unrestricted) to help churches feel successful and honored for their sacrifice.

We want to help churches feel successful this year in an incredible way. We will not be emphasizing the $52/member number per se – we want to open the floodgates and allow churches to push for whatever they believe they can give. We will need to further discuss how to communicate this to churches and leaders.

Church Communications:

· Randy Jordan, Antonio Boyd and Mandy Jordan presented to the Evangelist Service Team in Miami (March 19-20).

· HOPE worldwide has an opportunity to present at the International Leadership Conference portion of the World Discipleship Summit in San Antonio. HOPE worldwide will also have a booth in the main meeting area at the conference. Several smaller events will also take place throughout the conference including a informational session for medical professionals and a Youth Programs meet-and-greet.

· The Delegate Meeting in Fall 2011 in Budapest helped to reveal that there are some communication issues between some HOPE worldwide international programs and the church leadership. A task force has been established made up of elders, evangelists and teachers to help guide the process to ensure unity with churches in those countries.

· HOPE worldwide will produce a monthly video to send to church leaders in response to requests for more video communication.

II. Community Service Subcommittee

Community Service within the Churches through HOPE worldwide has been very active.

Summary of 2011

1. Chapter Update:

• 81 Chapters in the USA – 100 across the continent

• Approx. 32,000 volunteers

2. Youth Corps Update

· Philadelphia, Dallas & Port-Au-Prince

· 110 volunteers serving in 6 sessions – over 14,000 hours.

3. Americorps Internship

· Philadelphia, New Orleans, Anchorage

· 68 College & High School Students

4. Volunteer Corps Update

· La Mision, Mexico & Ganthier, Haiti

· 59 volunteers, serving for 5900 hours – 176 beneficiaries

5. MLK Day – 2012

• Several cities across America

Upcoming 2012

1. Chapter Update: 22 additional Churches have shown interest in chapters.

2. Youth Corps Update

• Youth Corps will be in Dallas, Philadelphia & Haiti

· There is a lot of excitement around Youth Corps right now. The theme for this year is E.P.I.C (Everyday people imitating Christ).

· The goal for the future is to really “grow” HOPE Youth Corps. We would like to see every youth serve in Youth Corps before they graduate college!

· We are working alongside the Youth and Family Ministry Committee to get more support from the Churches. We will do this through education and collaboration.

3. Americorps Internship

Will continue this summer in Philadelphia, Atlanta & Anchorage

4. Singles Corps

· Haiti, from Oct. 13-20

5. Volunteer Corps

• Haiti from August 4-11

III. Disaster Response Subcommittee Report


In February of 2011, the Disaster Response Sub-committee developed the ICOC Disaster Response Protocol for our fellowship of churches.

This Protocol is implemented 7 times: the Japan tsunami, the Bangkok flood, the New Zealand, the USA tornados, the Philippine storms, the Ivory Coast conflict, and the Indonesian volcanic eruption. In each of these situations, the Protocol was effective in identifying the appropriateness and extent of the response:

Japan- regional response

New Zealand- no response

Bangkok- regional response

USA- local response

Philippines- regional response

Indonesia- local response

Ivory Coast- global response

FOR 2012

Charles Ham, the HOPE ww representative on this sub-committee, will be working on the Global Disaster Response (GDR) service division based in Jakarta. The plan for the

GDR is to identify the 10 most vulnerable nations to disaster and help build their ability to respond effectively to disasters and to help them build partnerships with entities that will assist them in this endeavor.

Charles will be conducting a Disaster Response Capacity Building Workshop on Monday July 9 at the WDS in San Antonio. This will be open to all international HOPE and church leaders. Currently, HOPE has a plan to focus disaster response works in Haiti, Ivory Coast, Japan, and Indonesia.

In response to the possibility of the Evangelists Committee approving the establishment of a Disaster Relief Fund, Mark Templer and Charles Ham have some ideas on how to establish a Protocol for the disbursement of these funds. If this is approved, we as a sub-committee are willing to be part of the discussion on creating said Protocol.


John Causey (chair) – Los Angeles, CA

Mark Templer (co-chair) – New Delhi, India

Doug Arthur – Boston, MA

John Brush – Miami, FL

Robert Carrillo – San Diego, CA

Herve Fleurant – San Antonio, TX

Darren Gauthier – Chicago, IL

Bill Hooper – Dallas, TX

Gregg Marutzky – Omaha, NE

Ray Nadon – Anchorage, AK

JP Tynes – Orlando, FL

Sheridan Wright – New York, NY

Antonio Boyd (HOPEww) – Columbia, SC

Charles Ham (HOPEww) – Jakarta, Indonesia

Mandy Jordan (HOPEww) – Philadelphia, PA

Randy Jordan (HOPEww) – Philadelphia, PA