HOPE worldwide has been responding to many disasters around the world to provide emergency assistance and volunteers willing to lend a helping hand in partnership with affected communities. Here is an update on recent disasters.

Haiti Relief Efforts

Haiti is experiencing severe food insecurity due to gangs that have taken over the ports and most major cities. The situation has reached such a severe level that most people are not able to go to work, buy gas (which is now up to $50 per gallon), or even have access to food. Many people there are living on just one meal per day, and the situation is getting worse. The UN World Food Program categorized this as the first recorded instance of level 5 catastrophic food insecurity in the history of Haiti.

HOPE worldwide has been partnering with donors and organizations around the country and with our partners on the ground in Haiti to provide support. HOPE worldwide has already provided $10K and our partners have recently provided $20K in immediate emergency assistance. These funds are being distributed to help many people get access to food in their time of need.

More support is needed.

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Hurricane Ian Disaster Response

When Hurricane Ian struck Florida on September 28th, HOPE worldwide’s Disaster Response Team and HOPE worldwide volunteers got to work mucking and gutting homes, cutting out drywall, removing damaged furniture and other household items, and cleaning the houses with disinfectants to prevent the spread of mold. Our disaster response team has also been providing air conditioners, generators, and other essential supplies.

Our Global Disaster Response Team partnered with Feed the Children, Starkist Tuna, and the Southwest Florida Church of Christ to help pass out food, water and hygiene products to over 400 families! Over 100 volunteers from around Florida helped us serve the Fort Myers community. Relief work is still ongoing. Together we inspire greater hope.

Read more about our ongoing efforts here.

$2.7 Million in Medical Aid Delivered to Sri Lanka

In September, HOPE worldwide facilitated a generous in-kind donation of urgent medicinal supplies worth $2.7 mil to the people of Sri Lanka.

This is the first consignment from HOPE worldwide to the people of Sri Lanka containing essential medicines like serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as fluoxetine and Desvenlafaxine Succinate ER, antimalarials such as hydroxychloroquine sulfate and high blood pressure medicines such as Cartia XT and timolol maleate.

You can view more information in our press release here. The situation is ongoing and HOPE worldwide is continuing to coordinate aid and volunteers in Sri Lanka to help those in need.

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Together we can inspire greater hope.