A devastating wildland fire, fueled by strong winds from Hurricane Dora, struck the Hawaiian island of Maui on August 8. This catastrophe resulted in the loss of over 99 lives, while several hundred individuals remain unaccounted for. The disaster has left thousands of people without homes and possessions, including one family from the Maui Church of Christ.

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In response to this crisis, HOPE worldwide is collaborating with the Oahu Chapter of HOPEww and the three congregations of the International Churches of Christ in Hawaii. Immediate relief funds are currently being dispatched, and there will be an ongoing need for funds to aid in recovery over the long term.

Currently, there is no need for volunteers to travel to Maui as this is an active emergency. As the situation evolves in the following days and weeks, there may be opportunities for local volunteering.

To support our efforts, please donate to the HOPEww Global Disaster fund at www.hopeww.org/disaster. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Contact Information:

Dave Tomlinson, Sr Director Global Disaster Response

Toni-Leilani Butler, Manager, Disaster Response, North America

Ryan Brown, Communications Director