Have you ever had dreams that then influenced your life? And although the nature of dreams has not yet been studied by science, they sometimes help a person decide on a particular step in his life. Our story today is about Nastya, who, thanks to one of her dreams, decided to return to church and entrust her life to God again. Nastya was baptized about seven years ago. She had a difficult life situation. She was married, and her husband was in prison at that time. He had another year before he would be released. The brothers from the church communicated with her husband, and it seemed to everyone that when he was released, he would also begin to attend church. But unfortunately, this did not happen. He took the same path as before. He began to treat Nastya very badly and eventually divorced her. This turned out to be a great test to Nastya’s faith. She was offended by God and isolated herself from the church for three long years. And then one day she had a dream – she was talking on the phone with a friend from the church, who told her that the second coming of Jesus Christ had happened. Waking up from this dream, Nastya was very frightened and called this friend, whom was still in her life over these three years. She told her that she wanted to start studying the Bible again and wanted to return to God and the church. Her desire was very strong, and now Nastya is part of the Yaroslavl Church. Nastya’s brother and mother are currently studying the Bible and attending church meetings. In addition, God helped remove her brother’s drug addiction, which was an even greater confirmation of the power and love of God! May all glory be to God! It seems that Nastya’s dream was a turning point not only for her, but also for many of her relatives. “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vineyard. He cuts off my shoots that do not bear fruit, cleanses and cuts those that bear fruit so that they bear even more fruit.” – John 15: 1-2

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