HOPE worldwide is closely monitoring the situation and is asking for prayers for all those being affected by Hurricane Dorian.

On September 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the northern Bahama Islands. Hurricane Dorian is the strongest Atlantic hurricane on record to make landfall. Sustained winds of over 185 mph were recorded as Dorian made landfall in the Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands. These powerful winds, a storm surge of over 20 feet and over three feet of rain combined to destroy much of the northern Bahamas. At least five people have been killed and initial reports indicate that over 15,000 homes have been heavily damaged or destroyed. The airport and ports in Grand Bahama Island are currently closed. Farther south in Nassau, tropical storm force winds and heavy flooding occurred and damaged structures around the island.

Keyno and Pam Hanna, leaders of the Freeport Region of the Bahamas International Church of Christ, have said that only three church members remain unaccounted for, and that they are likely okay but just don’t have phone service or power. The Hannas will be going to these homes as soon as they can do so safely to check on the brothers and sisters. Several families in the church have experienced significant damage to their homes.

HOPE worldwide will be:

  1. Sending relief supplies, including water filters, shelter supplies and non-perishable food as soon as the port reopens.
  2. The Global Disaster Response team will be conducting an on-the-ground assessment along with the shipment of supplies.
  3. Preliminary plans are being developed for HOPE Volunteer Corps trips as soon as is practical


Numerous people around the world are asking how they can help. At this time, please DO NOT send supplies without a specific request from HOPE worldwide.

The best way to help right now is to contribute to the HOPE worldwide Global Disaster Response fund. We will work closely with the local churches to coordinate the financial needs. DONATE NOW

Every disaster is tragic and HOPE worldwide would like to remind you to have an emergency plan for your family. Please continue to pray for those who are still in the path of Dorian and all disasters around the world

For information about the HOPE worldwide Global Disaster Response team contact Dave Tomlinson (Dave.Tomlinson@hopeww.org).

For information about HOPE worldwide contact Paul Frugé ( Paul.Fruge@hopeww.org).


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