HOPE worldwide would like to personally thank everyone for their quick response to support this disaster. Our Global Disaster Response Team has been very busy responding to the needs in the Bahamas. We would like to share an update on how we’ve utilized the received donations.

On September 8th and 9th our Global Disaster Response Team and local volunteers traveled to the Bahamas to provide some initial supplies and do a full assessment of the disaster.

  • Our partners on the ground, Broward Church in South Florida , purchased a cache of approximately 5,000 pounds of supplies specifically requested by the local Freeport Church, including generators, shelf-stable food, air mattresses, bedding, propane cookstoves, and hygiene items, as well as assisted with fuel costs.
  • A total of 200 water filter systems were supplied to members of the church, neighbors and to the local hospital.
  • A generous business partner in South Florida donated the use of his yacht to aid in our response for travel and supplies.
  • Additional supplies were provided by local volunteers to fill the yacht and were distributed through the Bahamas International Church along with a neighboring church.

Upon arrival, our team was met by the leaders of the Freeport Church, Keyno and Pam Hanna, along with several volunteers who assisted with transporting the supplies. We’re happy to report that all members of the local church are physically OK; however, several families’ homes were flooded and damaged. Also, many people have lost employment due to business closures related to the hurricane. Please continue to keep the Bahamas in your prayers.

Our Global Disaster Response Team will be taking the following next steps:

  • Dave Malutinok, COO of HOPE worldwide , along with Dave Tomlinson and James Campbell from the South Florida Church will meet with leaders of HOPE worldwide Bahamas and the Bahamas International Church of Christ September 24th – 26th to plan next steps, including volunteer trips.
  • In partnership with the South Florida Church provide tools to members of the church so that they can work, as opportunities to work are available, but all their tools were destroyed.
  • Developing long-term recovery plans that will likely include assistance for rebuilding, SPARK Academy, HOPE worldwide Volunteer Corps trips and trauma recovery assistance.

As you can imagine, there are a large amount of supplies being collected throughout South Florida. There is little capacity on the island to take any uncoordinated or unrequested types of supplies. At this time, HOPE worldwide is not collecting supplies for Freeport. If specific needs arise and supplies are being requested by HOPE worldwide Bahamas or the Bahamas International Church of Christ, we will reach out through hopeww.org.

The best way to help right now is to contribute to the HOPE worldwide Global Disaster Response Fund that will assist in long-term recovery. We will work closely with the local churches to coordinate the financial needs. Click here to donate.

“The Freeport Church would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the disciples for their prayers, concern, compassion and love during this difficult time. We appreciate your generosity for the much-needed supplies. Thank you so much. Love, the Freeport Church.” From Keyno and Pam Hanna, Leaders of the Freeport Region of the Bahamas International Church of Christ.

Every disaster is tragic and HOPE worldwide would like to remind you to have an emergency plan for your family. Please continue to pray for those who have been affected by Dorian. For information about the HOPE worldwide Global Disaster Response Team, contact Dave Tomlinson (Dave.Tomlinson@hopeww.org).