My name is Steve Wormer and my wife Rebecca and I have the honor to serve and lead The Memphis Church in our fellowship. We also are the National Directors of a ministry called Hurt to Hope which is a part of Caring Resources, Inc.

Hurt to Hope has been providing life changing Christ-centered workshops for various size groups for 25 years. Hope (Helping Overcome Painful Experiences) helps people process their unprocessed emotions that have accumulated for a lifetime. We give you the biblical teaching coupled with life changing practical tools to give you hope now and for the remainder of your journey here on earth.

We have taken the core curriculum of the trusted Hurt to Hope format and combined some new exercises and practical tools to form Hurt to Hope for Churches. We were humbled to be asked to bring this new type of workshop in late January to the Jax Church in Jacksonville, Florida. God showed up like only he could! Listen to a couple of takeaways from a few of the members that attended:

  • “Going into the workshop, we were desperate to try to find something to help our church to recover and heal from years of painful experiences. What we have found with the Hurt to Hope for Churches is nothing short of extraordinary! I highly recommend and implore you to get the Hurt to Hope for Churches workshop and bring some hope back to your community.” – Keith Davis, evangelist, The Jax Church
  • “The Hurt to Hope for Churches workshop in Jacksonville was phenomenal and life changing! As a disciple for over 26 years, I had suppressed the hurts from the church, family, and friends. The lessons taught me how to recognize the hurts, gave me tools to move stumbling blocks and allow me to be transformed from being broken to healed (2 Corinthians 5:17). I recommend the workshop to all churches or anymore who wants to learn more about the act of forgiveness and experience a spiritual renewal as God heals your hurts to hope.” – Sister, The Jax Church
  • “I have put these skills together in my personal life and God has been moving mountains! The Hurt to Hope for Churches workshop was incredible and life changing! I think any church could benefit from its teaching. “ – Chad Parker, The Jax Church

We have teaching over the workshop weekend on “When Bad Things Happen,” “Why Hope,” “Perspective,” “Forgiveness,” and “Gratitude.” Testimonials, videos, and practical tools are also given strategically throughout the weekend.

We will also desire to train potential facilitators from your church in how to effectively carry on Hurt to Hope in your church on a frequent basis so others can receive help and be used to invite the community to future workshops that the church would coordinate. Paul said in Romans 12:15 that we should “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.”

We look forward to seeing God heal many hearts to bring him all the glory! Let us know how we may serve you and your fellowship.

Much Love,

Steve and Rebecca Wormer
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