ICOC 2.1 is an upgrade of “ICOC 2.0 (the delegate system).” In any area lacking clarity the policy would default to what is defined in 2.0. Any needed adaptions can come through the proposal process. In any areas where 2.0 and 2.1 differ, the process shall defer to what is stated in 2.1


  • Delegates
    • 3 persons minimum per regional family
      • Man, woman, next generation leader
      • Additional delegates allowed for per existing rules
    • 3-year terms w/ limit of 2 consecutive terms
    • Selected by vote by Church Leaders in that Regional Family
    • Staggered year format
  • Service Team Chairman
    • 3-year terms w/ limit of 2 consecutive terms
    • Selected by existing process
  • Mission Society Chairman (subject to each Mission Society’s by-laws as needed)
    • 3-year terms w/ limit of 2 consecutive terms
    • Selected by a process defined by that Mission Society
  • Regional Chairman
    • Terms defined by that Region
    • Selected by a process defined by that Region
  • Catalyst Team Member
    • 13 Person Team (updated by the Regional Chairs to reduce the number from the Regional Chairs to 7 and increase the women’s representation to 2, the change was approved by the delegates in Panama and is to be ratified in San Diego, Oct-2019)
      • 7 regional family chairmen
      • 2 elders, 1 teacher, 2 women, 1 global missions rep
      • Minimum 3 International Members
    • 3-year terms w/ limit of 2 consecutive terms
    • Staggered year format
    • Selected by the Regional Family Chairmen
  • Roles that cannot be simultaneous (suspended until the delegates reconsider in San Diego, Oct-2019)
    • Catalyst Team Member
    • Regional Chair
    • Service Team Chair
    • Mission Society Chair
  • Note: for those currently serving in any form their selecting group should determine their current term expires, if not already defined. They are allowed 1 more consecutive term.


  • Delegates
    • Oversight
    • Mandates
      • Review, Create & Modify Service Teams
      • Global Church Health
      • Respond to Catalyst Team Actionables
        • Determine Course of Action
        • Develop Focus Groups as needed
      • Proposal Process
        • Receive proposals directly
        • Collaborative and Active Floor Discussions
        • Vote
      • Final approval
        • Proposals
        • Agendas & programs for international events
        • Can be delegated if agreed to by delegates
  • Service Team Chairman – as defined by the Service Team
  • Mission Society Chairman – as defined by the Mission Society
  • Regional Chairman Group (have been temporarily granted the ability to amend processes to facilitate implementation as needed, all changes will need to be brought before the delegates in Oct. 2019 for ratification)
    • Facilitate Regional Health and Interdependence
    • Mandates
      • Select and oversee catalyst team
      • Foster inter-region relationships
      • Inspire growth and best practices
      • Develop next gen leaders
      • Facilitate Geographic Service Teams
  • Catalyst Team
    • Mandates
      • Direct & engage Service Teams
      • Church health and growth
      • Actionables for regional family chairman
      • Actionables for delegates
      • Develop program and agendas
        • Delegate Meetings & Intl Conf (for delegate approve)
        • Spring meeting (regional chairmen approve)
        • Or delegate to appropriate sub-group with delegate approval

Service Teams

  • Catalyst Team replaces the Evangelists ST and the Chairmen’s Service Team
  • ST Chairmen report to Catalyst Team
  • Service Team Mandates
    • Move to Continental or Geographic Groupings as appropriate
    • Annual Report
    • Consider Realigning teams by function
    • Where applicable produce ministry resources


  • Delegate Meetings
    • Every other year – All Delegates
    • Continental Meetings on alternate years
    • Missions Societies each send a rep
    • Mission Societies prioritize delegate travel funding
    • Rotate meeting location between hemispheres
  • Spring Meetings (for the time being will include at least the following)
    • Regional Chairmen
    • Service Team Chairmen
    • Catalyst Team


  • ILC Focus
    • Region building
    • Ministry training
  • Online coaching and mentoring
    • Delegates work to establish coaching and mentoring programs


What are the changes for the Service Teams? The service teams will continue to function as they have. There is a goal for them to become more continental in scope moving forward. The Women’s Service Team will need to update their selection process in a way that fits with our current model. The Evangelist Service team will be replaced by the Catalyst Team, the Elders and Teacher’s Service teams will continue as they have. 

How quickly will the changes take place? We want to move forward at reasonable pace, the goal is for the transition to be smooth. Some have already happened, others will be done over the course of the time between now and the delegates meeting in October, 2019.  A few other changes may extend beyond that as needed.

When should the new delegates be selected, if needed? As soon as is best for each Regional Family, the goal is to have the news teams in place by the October, 2019 delegate meeting.

What is our meeting schedule? For 2019 we will have the Spring Meeting in San Antonio and an October Delegates Meeting in San Diego.

How soon will the Catalyst Team be selected? The regional family chairpersons are working on that right now; we hope to have the team in place by the end of November. 

What about leadership until the Catalyst Team is selected? A Transition Team was selected by the Regional Family Chairpersons in Panama. The team consists of Regional Family Chairmen (Ron Conkling (Florida), Mike Fontenot (Australia), Dinesh George (South Asia), Mohan Nanjundan (UK & Scandinavia), Daren Overstreet (Northwest US), & Sebastian Serra (Latin America Southern Cone), Darren Gauthier (elder from Chicago) and teachers (Andy Fleming (Kiev) & Kay McKean (Northern Virginia).