January 1 to April 1 2019

  1. Integrate the new ICOC Icon into all the Global News, Leadership, Service Team, Regional Family, Mission Society websites, Social Media and Video Channels
  2. Work with the 32 Regional Communications Directors on appropriate implementations for local church websites
  3. Roll out the ICOC App & Web kit & Global Prayer chain to ICOC churches

October 2019 Delegates Meeting

  1. Consider appointing Continental Communications directors
  2. Communications Best Practices Manual to help churches in key areas of reaching the lost, reputations management, connecting disciples

3.0 GLOBAL MISSIONS – Task Force Model

OCTOBER to DECEMBER 2018 – A Reduced Global Missions Task Force Team (3 or 4) facilitates transition


  • All Mission Societies invited to choose a representative to begin formation of the “Global Missions Task Force” (GMTF)
  • First conference call of the new task force in February
    • Primary Objective: Elect a Point Person/Chairman of the group
    • Secondary Objective: Establish one-year goals/objectives for the group
    • Tertiary Objective: Establish calendar of connection through to 2020

        APRIL, 2019 –

  • GMTF members attend Spring Meetings for first face to face meeting
  • Present objectives and goals in a report at the Spring Meetings and seek a provisional approval for objectives and goals through to 2020

MAY to SEPTEMBER, 2019 –

  • Information gathering period of the “Missions Work” in our Global Fellowship
  • Develop a final report on best practices and challenges in our Missions efforts
  • Finalize a report to be given to the delegates at the October meetings
  • Provide recommendations to the delegates for greater Missions impact

OCTOBER, 2019 –

  • All GMTF members attend the delegates meetings in San Diego
  • Present all findings and recommendations for the Missions effort to the Delegates
  • Seek approval for goals and recommendations heading into 2020

JANUARY, 2020 – Begin process of publication of a second edition Missions booklet for 2020 VISION

3.0 PEACEMAKERS – Regional Approach

2018 – October – December

A Regional Peacemakers Team is selected.

Each region discusses how to handle expenses incurred regarding conflict resolution.

2019 – January – December

Each region forms an oversight committee.

Each region will begin to develop a training curriculum to be use in the local church or between churches in within the region.

2019 – April 1-4

Leadership Meeting in San Antonio – Discussions can be had between the service teams regarding conflict resolution process and how it is going. With no mandate for global intervention, no direct influence from outside the region can be initiated.

2020 – and beyond

The Regional Peacemaking approach is designed to be effective in resolving local and regional conflicts. The future will rely on regional leadership and eldership to continue to build for the sake of unity throughout the region. 

3.0 FINANCES – Regional

By April 2019 

  • Regional families establish entities/bank accounts for the needs

By October 2019

  • Recommendations for funding needs from leadership group presented

By January 2020

  • Churches in the regions pledge funding amounts 


Regional Family Chairmen

  • Meet and initiate Catalyst Team selection process in Panama
  • Prioritize and begin work on Mandates March 1

Catalyst Team

  • First conference call by March 1
  • Establishes its way of functioning
  • First in-person gathering at Spring Meeting
  • Prioritize & begin work on mandates

Regional Families

  • Update terms & hold elections as needed for compliance by July 1