1. How long do we need to meet to accomplish the goal?
    • This could be done with a single overnight event but more time is better. Ideally you would meet for three sessions to discuss the three proposals and answer the questions for each proposal. We feel much is gained by meeting face-to-face and getting into “Tribes” that are a mixture of various ages and perspectives as we explore these topics together. If that is not possible, perhaps a series for video/conference calls could accomplish the goal. Click here for the 1 and 3 night possible agendas.
  2. How much teaching do we need to do at these meetings?
    • As much or as little as you choose. Every devotional and proposal is available here.
    • Having your leaders watch the videos before they attend will save a great deal of time and allow people to pray about these things before they come together to discuss your reactions to the proposals. Alternatively you could choose to present any parts that you wanted to at the meeting. Please let Roger Lamb know if you want to download any of the videos.
      • Subtitles may be available for $400 per language per video. Please contact Roger Lamb if interested.
      • Dubbing of the HotNews invitation video is available for $300 per language. Contact Nathan Taliaferro at natet.hnews@gmail.com if interested.
  3. What about the extra cost of meeting for this event?
    •   We need to be resourceful here. Families of churches should see this as an opportunity to have their voices heard alongside the rest of the brotherhood. We will send a letter of explanation to all 14 Missions Societies asking for their help in meeting these un-budgeted but urgent expenses. 
  4. Who should be involved in these meetings?
    • This is a choice each regional family must make. Since these discussions will affect our future together it would be ideal to hear from elders, evangelists, teachers, women and the next generation if possible. Some groups will find this not too difficult to accomplish others may find distances and costs very challenging. Let’s be creative and inclusive.
  5. What should come out of our discussions together in our family of churches?
    • You will receive a list of 25 questions related to the proposals that are presented in the videos. Your discussions should result in answering most if not all of those questions. Your responses will be added to others and will be presented in a global report in Chicago.
    • Topics with a strong global consensus will result in proposals being shaped in July/August and voted on in the Delegates meeting in Chicago.
  6. What is the next step?
  7. What if I have other questions??