Communication among disciples and churches has never been more crucial than today in the Coronavirus pandemic. God is the Greatest Communicator ever as he has gone to great lengths to connect with people throughout history through creation, prophets, Scripture, and Jesus.

Connecting disciples in 711 churches in 150 countries is no easy task! But we are grateful for the incredible people devoted to this purpose and for the amazing tools God has given us. Beginning May 3, the International Churches of Christ began celebrating crucial information about how our church family can stay in touch with each other. Many churches are continuing this through May.

Here are some of the resources provided for sharing in church services:

We are grateful our ICOC leadership felt it was important enough for all of us to devote time to Global Communications. Our Regional Communications Directors have been heroic in collaborating together and in their regions to distribute this vital information and inspiration.

Vital Global Links:

Please contact your local ministry for local and regional family websites and social media channels.

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