ICOC Communication & Admin Infrastructure

The 5th anniversary of DisciplesToday.org is June 6.  God has worked powerfully to help us build the basic infrastructure of communication among our churches.  This includes:

Here is an update on some of the 2009 projects:

1)  ICOC Central Database:  
www.DTodayInfo.netClick “Update Your Church”

  • Brand new tool to gather annual church survey:  click on the Update Your Church button at www.DTodayinfo.net and try it out.  
  • Built by Sebastian George and his team of volunteers.
  • New Volunteer Editor:  Karen St. Pierre, disciple from Roanoke, Virginia
  • Goal:  finish 2009 Survey by August 15
  • Analysis:  Prayerfully K. H. will once again do his magic and provide an analysis we can distribute at the 2009 Delegates Meeting in Denver Sept. 1
  • We are also building this site to be the central database for all attendees to international conferences, etc. so we will have a rich database of leadership for our churches.
  • Please take the Update for a Test Drive and send us your thoughts.

2)  Search Engine Optimization

  • Justin Renton (Johannesburg) and Masha Lyashenko (Kiev) are creating a document to spread to all the webmasters in the ICOC Church Database
  • Instructions on how to optimize each churches appearance on Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  • Goal:  our churches and websites to be the first thing that people see for many pages on any search for ICOC, International Church of Christ, etc.

3)  New Women Today website

  • Women editors and news from around the world

4)  DT Heart & Soul: www.DTHeartandSoul.com, Summer 2009

  • Donors gave us funds to build a site for single ICOC disciples serious about finding a soulmate in a safe, pure, fun environment with relationship coaching.
  • Rolls out in the US this summer one region at a time.
  • Open to all North America by Fall 2009.
  • Prayerfully begin adding other regions of the world in 2010

5)  Internet Broadcast:  DToday.tv, Summer 2009

  • Live Webcast of International Events
  • Begin with ICMC and ILC this summer
  • On Demand video with 24/7 high quality videos available
  • Live broadcast capabilities for scheduled shows and emergency announcements.

6)  Leadership Communication  www.ICOCco-op.org

  • Communicating the activity of the ICOC Service Teams
  • Coordinating, Verifying and Communicating with the Delegates of the Cooperation churches.
  • Connecting leaders around the world
  • Liaison with HOPE worldwide who is working closer than ever with our churches.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement.  We must thank:

  • The scores of volunteers who make all this possible.  Especially Chris Walquist (Chicago), Sebastian George (Dallas), Edy Budiman (Jakarta) and Jonathan Hoggard (Dubai).
  • ICOC Hot News;  Justin Renton and Mike Taliaferro
  • Steve Staten and the KNN Board
  • The disciples and churches who donate to make these things possible.


  • Please try out the Update Your Church feature on www.DTodayInfo.net  and let us know how we can improve it.
  • Contact the person you would like to help with any of these projects.
  • Send us your ideas for improving our service and planning for the future.

Grace and Truth,
Roger Lamb