Leadership Development Subcommittee has focused in two areas.

  1. Helping to promote the training of young people through the development of Mission Training Centers. The New England School of Ministry has been established and is currently training 20 young men and women who are in their 20’s and working full time as ministry interns around New England. With the help of the Beam Mission Foundation BMF plans are being laid to establish or bolster similar programs around the world.
  2. Development of a unified Curriculum for the training of ministers in the ICOC. In collaboration with the Teachers group, plans are underway to develop a minimum series of courses that we be utilized across our brotherhood. Meeting with Gordon Ferguson, Douglas Jacoby, Steve Staten, and Valdur Koha as well as meeting with several in our subcommittee have laid a foundation which will allow us to map out a path over the next 18 months to establish this curriculum.

2020 Subcommittee

The 20/20 Sub-committee, was formulated and tasked with the responsibilities of serving, providing requested assistance, offering various resources, tools, information, and coordination in casting and executing their 20/20 Vision Plans. During the last eight months our sub-committee formulated a 20/20 Vision Presentation for all ICOC cooperating churches. Our Sub-committee also developed and distributed a 20/20 Vision Template designed for our churches to utilize in formulating and drafting their individual Churches and Geographical Regions 20/20 Vision plans. In conjunction with these plans, we encouraged each Geographical Region to produce a 20/20 Vision Video. In these Regional Video’s we are encouraging each group to introduce the Region, highlight their 20/20 Vision, and share their exciting plans with all ICOC member Churches. The Texas and Southeast Asia churches featured their videos during the 2010 ILC, which excited, inspired, and provided a great example for all the churches around the world.

Our sub-committee members, along with the Evangelists Service Team, decided the best platform to launch the 20/20 Vision plan, would be the 2010 ILC. During the 2010 ILC Delegates meeting, John Causey presented both the 20/20 plan, and template for a vote of acceptance / implementation by ICOC member churches. The Delegates unanimously agreed to adopt the 20/20 Vision resolution. Since the conference churches around the world have been busy casting and formulating their local 20/20 Vision plans. Recently, our sub-committee has been providing advice to HOPEww to develop it’s 20/20 Vision in it’s partnership with all ICOC member churches. We also suggest that 20/20 plans be formulated for the following groups worldwide: Singles, Campus, Women, Elders, and Teachers. In 2011 we will begin working on developing, both online and media distribution platforms in association with Disciples Today and ICOC Hot News, to provide easy access to 20/20 Vision information, videos, and good news from around the world.

2012 World Discipleship Summit

  • We have settled on the name: 2012 World Discipleship Summit. Everyone seems to like it.
  • We have added the Lila Cockrell Theater (2300 capacity). It will serve as the home for the Spanish Track of the conference.
  • The Lila Cockrell will be the venue each night for different concerts.
  • We also upgraded into the larger Exhibit Hall C (8000) and Ballroom C (4000). These will be the homes for the marrieds and singles (Exhibit hall C) and the campus conference (Ballroom C).
  • While we are publicly expecting, say, 10,000 to attend, we are prepared for 20,000, with no additional venues needed.
  • We are working on Exhibit hall B as a big carnival or block party area.
  • Each conference is moving ahead with a coordinator (except the Spanish – no coordinator yet)
  • Each coordinator will present the vision for his conference in January of 2011.
  • Teens Dave Pocta (April presentation)
  • Campus Kevin Miller
  • Singles Todd Asaad
  • ILC Bruce Williams (February presentation)
  • Marrieds Wyndham Shaw & John Louis
  • Worship J. Brian Craig
  • Spanish TBD
  • Deaf TBD
  • We have also produced a very cool 60 second trailer for the conference. Click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxA38kLcb5U.
  • Roger Lamb joined us in our site planning. WDC registration will be open at www.icocconference.org January 31, 2011.
  • Our full-time conference director begins January 1, 2011. This will take the strain off the staff here.
  • We are very fired up about the response we are getting. We are expecting a huge turnout.

Global Missions Subcommittee

  • The Missions subcommittee was formed to assess the needs and opportunities we have as a body on a global scale. In this effort we have the task of evaluating our efficiency, capacity and organization on a global scale.
  • Click here to access the Global Missions Survey Report was presented at the 2010 Annual Delegates Meeting in Miami.

Africa — Kris Ogbonnaya, Steve Mukenya
Asia / Pacific — Dinesh George, John Louis, Steve Chin
Canada / US — Doug Arthur, John Causey, John Porter, Mike Fontenot, Mike Taliaferro, Scott Green
Eurasia — Alexey Donskoy, Andy Fleming, Shawn Wooten
Mexico & Central America — Javier Amaya, Pedro Garcia
South America — John Reus
US / Canada — Bruce Williams, Chair