Nearly 900 women gathered for the Nairobi Church of Christ‘s annual Women’sDay on November 18, 2018.

The colorful event opened with a prayer, lunch and a number of congregational songs. The African theme revealed our African beauties. Guest speakers included Anyima Okundi and Judy Ouko.

Keynote speaker Elizabeth Odwallo talked about the theme of the day, “The Whole of Me,” by sharing the importance of actively pursuing wellness of every part of ourselves. Some of the things that could help us include reading Scriptures, journaling prayers, attitude adjustment, and forgiveness. The scriptures she used were 2 Peter 2:9, 1Thessalonians 5:23-24, Philippians 4:4-9, and Philippians 2:5. She also touched on things that hinder “the whole of me, ” including fear, hiding, doubt, excuse making, self-pity, comparisons, and pessimism. She concluded by sharing attributes of a woman who is experiencing wholeness, such as courage, confidence, winning battles, and growth.

Anyima Okundi talked about the seasons of life and how wecan experience times of plenty and times of want. Her call was for us to storeup our “plenty” just as Joseph stored up the extra harvest in preparation forfamine as seen in Genesis 41:48-49. Anyima encouraged us to refer to our quiettimes and journals during times of plenty so that they could encourage usduring our times of want. She shared from 2 Tim 4:2, Phil 4:12, Rom 8:28, andPsalm 139.

Judy Ouko talked about the importance of taking care of ourmental wellbeing just as we take care of ourselves spiritually, physically andemotionally. She shared a few tips about strengthening our mental health, such as:

  • Finding ways to keep active, like exercising
  • Giving of your words, time and presence to those who need it
  • Paying more attention to the present, reflecting on past experiences and how you’ve grown from them, and remembering things that have brought you joy
  • Learning to talk and listen by building and nurturing friendships

She urged sistersnot to shy away from challenging situations as they can help make them betterand ready to take up new challenges by themselves.

Monica Makungu, a single sister from the Kibera ministry said, “The Women’s Day for me was great, starting from the way the hall was arranged and decorated, the way the song leaders dressed up and led us in praise and worship; this day was special. [The class] that really stood out was the first class, ‘Navigating through the Seasons of Life.’ In life, we have different seasons which come and go, and in every season I need to put on Godliness.”

Ndembo Mtoto said, “I had expected to be fed emotionally and to leave with something new and indeed my expectations were met.”

The closing prayer was done by Margaret Nguku while Vicky Auki wrapped up the event giving a vote of thanks to all the participants and organizers of the event.

Big thanks to our organizer and to God be the glory!

Shared from ICOC East Africa.