Despite the drastic effects 2020 had on us all, the ICOC International Singles Service Team (ISST) was able to continue in many of the efforts it set out to accomplish for the year. As disappointing as it was to have the 2020 VISION conference postponed, and with it, the concurrent Singles Conference, one of the biggest highlights of the year was DREAM, the ISST’s virtual Singles Conference in July. With almost 3,000 disciples in attendance from all around the world, it was certainly one of our most memorable moments of the year.

The success of DREAM helped inspire singles internationally and in November 2020 the International Fellowship meetings began, spearheaded by the London singles ministry. The meetings saw over 400 singles from more 30 countries come together virtually every month for fellowship and spiritual encouragement.

In 2020 we also said goodbye to Floyd and Tamara Grossett, who faithfully chaired the team for the last four years. In June of 2020 we welcomed Elias and Rachel Deleault (pictured above) as the new chairs. The team is eager about the new year and faithful that it will open the door for in-person fellowship and greater opportunities to connect, encourage and inspire singles around the world.

ICOC International Singles Service Team

Elias & Rachel Deleault – Austin

Steven & Marva Small – Barbados

Mark Farney – Seattle

Bill & Kristen Moulden – St. Louis

Jose Ferrer – Orlando

Larry & Kim Reed — Boston

Bim & Nicole Towolai – New York

Tony & Jolecia King – New York

Sherie Gayle – Baltimore

Pablo & Nicole Padilla – Los Angeles

Nate & Waldina Bigbee – Texas