Our Mission

To inspire and train women servant leaders around the globe to connect and grow spiritually, and to advance the gospel.

The Women’s Service Team has many accomplishments during 2022. We are so proud of all the work the women put into serving on this team to provide material and support to our sisters around the world.

International Women’s Day Task Force

Knitting Together/Unidas en Amor 2022

In 2022 the task force voted on the theme Knitting Together to celebrate International Women’s Day. Families around the world used this theme to celebrate this day and had amazing events to bring out family and friends.

Prayer Task Force

The main mission of this task force is to unite and inspire women through prayer. It is also to enable women to be encouraged, trained, grown spiritually by the power of the Spirit through prayer and through the connection of the sisterhood in prayer.

This task force is new to the women’s service team, it has been in development throughout all 2022. We are excited to have our first official prayer time organized by this task force in March 2023.

Crucial Conversations Task Force

The mission of this task force is to provide a space in which women can talk about crucial topics in life. In 2022 we had crucial conversations for motherhood: “A Journey of Faith and Courage,” and for wives: “Beautifully Clothed in Strength and Dignity.”

WomenToday.International Task Force

The website has become an amazing space for women all around the world. Here you can find resources like webinars, devotionals, church locator, videos, Bible studies, and much more. Every day, editors look for people willing to make content and translate. So far, there is content available in six languages. We are always looking for sisters willing to translate, write articles, make videos of content from their country. During the WDS we were able to have a booth for more information on our services. It was an amazing time with sisters connecting from all around the world.

ILC Task Force – WDS

Women on this task force had the opportunity to plan the women’s track of the International Leadership Conference at the WDS. Their planning included the women’s main session of the ILC and 11 breakout sessions with 28 women teaching classes. It was an amazing time in which many topics were covered, and leaders left with so much material for their own ministries.

Luncheon Task Force – For WDS

This task force was also temporary for a luncheon event at the WDS. We were able to present all our resources and task forces to the chairwomen and delegates. Each service team presented what they were working on and what the goals were for the upcoming year. This gave chairwomen and delegates all the information to either participate themselves on a task force or to have material for their church members.

Women’s Service Team members:

Sarai Serra – Chair (USA)
Sheeba Alex (India)
Marci Arneson (USA)
Victoria Auki (Kenya)
Girlie Cabadsen (Philippines)
Erica Fortina (USA)
Sharon Gauthier (USA)
Kae Habel (Philippines)
Susani Karta (Indonesia)
Griselda Lua (USA)
Lily Musonye (Kenya)
Camila Perez (Argentina)
Sarah Setiawan (Indonesia)
Lesa Stronger (Canada)
Bola Sowoolu (England)
Jessy Tohme (Lebanon)
Caron Vassallo (Australia)
Meegan Zillman (USA)