The Youth and Family Ministry Service Team began in 2006. Throughout its existence many incredible team members have poured their hearts into helping the churches of the International Churches of Christ pursue the incredible endeavor of seeing families saved by Jesus and matured in him. In its years, the team has been a blessing to our worldwide fellowship. The team’s work has helped inform, guide and educate thousands of individuals who themselves have been a blessing to their congregations. This has come in the form of advancing various initiatives as well as in the planning and facilitating of several worldwide conferences.

Recent history

Over the past few years, the most recent team did an incredible job of ministering to the fellowship in the unprecedented “COVID era”. This was capped off in the Family Conference of the World Discipleship Summit: Vision 2022 in Orlando.

Vision 2022

God made the conference an incredible success. It was kicked off with an amazing opening session, highlighted by a lesson entitled, “Light of the World” by Damon Curtis and Curt Ammons. Some said that this will be a benchmark moment in the history of youth and family ministry in the ICOC. The conference also had powerful and formative worship, lessons and events for families.

Curt Ammons (left) and Damon Curtis (right) speaking at the World Discipleship Summit in Orlando.

Our New Team

The World Discipleship Summit marked the conclusion of the term for that service team. As it was preparing to conclude, the team thought it wise to aim for greater representation across our regional families. As a result, a new team was selected after conferring with regional family chairs. The new team began their term of service in late 2022.

Giving honor where it is due

As the newest team was selected, some members stayed on in an effort to maintain the excellent spirit and culture of the previous team. It is fitting to express appreciation and respect for the three couples who moved on from the team, as they are the three couples with the most years served on the team.

Curt and Heidi Ammons have been on the team at various times through the years, always willing to offer their gifts however and whenever they were needed. They are owed a great debt of gratitude. Phil and Kris Arsenault along with Damon and Michelle Curtis also moved on. These two couples are the lone individuals who served on the team without ceasing since its very inception. Both couples have served as the chair at various times through the years. We thank them for the way they have impacted the ICOC through the years and for the impact their work will continue to have for generations to come.

ICOC Youth and Family Service Team as of July 2022.

The ICYFM through the Years

As the ICOC began a shift to Youth and Family Ministry in the early 2000’s, the International Conference of Youth and Family Ministry (ICYFM) was born. In total, this conference has taken place for our global fellowship six times.

• 2007 – Boston
• 2009 – Chicago
• 2011 – Los Angeles
• 2013 – New York City
• 2017 – Denver
• 2018 – Dallas

These conferences have always had an emphasis on preparing those that lead youth and family ministry. It has also at times included children’s ministry leaders, elders, church leaders and parents.

Upcoming conference

The current team is aiming to reestablish having the ICYFM on odd years. To that end, we are excited to be having the 2023 ICYFM in Atlanta, hosted by the North River Church of Christ. It will take place November 3rd-5th. At this conference, there will be amazing teaching for children’s ministry leaders as well as youth and family leaders, whether they serve on a volunteer or full-time basis. At every ICYFM, elders and church leaders are always invited.

Registration begins soon!

The Youth and Family Ministry Service Team desires to aid and support all the congregations of the ICOC in whatever way we can. We want to help build bridges across the generations and across the various ministries that we have. We pray that our service is a blessing to all and an honor to our God!

Eric & Megan Testa, Chairmen – Indianapolis
Mike & Kristen Lamb – Boston
Ross and Manami Lippencott – New York
Audie & Bethany Monday – Philadelphia
Barrett & Rachel O’Connell – Seattle
Jake & Kelsey Rock – Orlando
Nick & Brianne Shoff – Atlanta
Nadine Templer – Kathmandu
Melissa Tulloch – Atlanta
Randy & Kim Ware – Kansas City
Susan Wedin – Phoenix
Antoine & Charlene Wills – Chicago
Brandon & Lauren Yi – Austin