Indian COVID-19 Situation Update

The government provides comprehensive updates of the infection status in India. Mostly while the uncertainty continues how things will eventually turn out, there is a sense of, getting on with life, among the common man. But since the infections are growing with each passing day, people are trying their best to take precautions, yet unable to remain locked down entirely. Educational institutions, cinemas, stadiums are still closed, while malls, hotels have been allowed to function with distancing limitations followed. However, the work of God in the Indian churches has not stopped.

Ministry Update

It is inspiring to see how disciples are rallying around one another, encouraging one another, praying, teaching, counseling and just being inspired to stay connected, virtually of course.


  • May 2020 was the best month in 18 years for in terms of helping people who seek God. Twenty-five souls were added to the kingdom. All of the studies were done virtually! God is powerfully moving among the hearts of people. Many more people are studying the word of God.
  • Church had been having pre-recorded online worship services for all Sundays in April and May. These services were hosted on our YouTube channel, Resources4life. The services were in English, Tamil, and Kannada. Midweek meetings are continuing with Zoom or phone conference calls.
  • On Saturdays, one of the evangelists, Shaijus Philip, has been conducting a weekend video teaching series on Understanding The Word and Expository Preaching and many disciples tuned in to learn.
  • Shaijus also started a video series on lessons on purity, titled “Pursuit of Purity.”
  • During the entire month of May, the disciples were treated to a video series of morning devotional titled “Promises of God.” These devotionals were prepared and recorded by different couples across Bangalore and the videos were shared every day in English, Kannada and Tamil.
  • Many worship songs have been uploaded on the Resources4life channel by the disciples to encourage people to use for services and meetings. One can subscribe and stay updated on regular uploads here.

Rest of India:

  • Vizag/Vijaywada/Hyderabad/Bidar together saw 16 souls saved in May! All during lockdown and through virtual studies.
  • The Global Communications Sunday was observed across India in all the churches, by showing the Keydogo videos and showcasing the resources available, globally and locally. Some churches had Roger Lamb’s lesson video played and translated.
  • On June 7, the church in Erode, Tamil Nadu, sent out a mission team to another district through a Zoom call! During the lockdown time, they helped a brother go down the waters of baptism and he joined the mission team. The planting church in the city of Erode is led by a couple, Nagendran and Sudha, who are graduates of the School of Missions in Bangalore.
  • Many disciples across India have been affected by the lockdown situation as they work for daily wages. The church has been continuing to support many through benevolence by providing cash or groceries, as needed.
  • Spurred by the aid provided by HOPE worldwide the church is able to continue this benevolence support.

Due to the lockdown, a dream is slowly being realized. The dream of seeing all districts in the province of Karnataka have a congregation that worships God. Due to the online services and use of technology, many seekers of God, living in far off places are accessing the Internet and are able to listen to sermons and get involved in Bible studies. We request you all to keep them in your prayers, so that the hearts opened by God will make the decision that matters.

Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Amen and Amen. – Psalm 41:13 (NIV)