On Wednesday, August 14th, the Indianapolis church officially rebranded as Rise Church. During a period of well over a year, we gathered with members from every demographic in the church to refine our core values, analyze Indy’s neighborhoods, and evaluate trends in our growth as a church. Next, we brainstormed names to better capture our values and identity and to appeal to our friends outside the church. We subjected those to a thorough analysis—utilizing rubrics, evangelism skits, and focus groups to narrow our choices, ultimately landing on this new name.

As the days drew closer for the ‘Rebrand Reveal Party,’ the church’s enthusiasm grew tangibly. And on that Wednesday night, as we shared our process, our collaboration, and finally, our new name and logo, the church responded with palpable enthusiasm and energetic zeal.

And there was swag! T-shirts were tossed to the crowd, new church cards flew off the tables, and we all received logos for our cars, and scores of coffee mugs proclaiming our name and brand. A temporary sign was put over the old one, which people enjoyed as they drove out of the parking lot.

With our growing satellite ministries in three campus cities—Lafayette (Purdue University), Bloomington (Indiana University), and Muncie (Ball State University), we are rededicating ourselves to our collective dream of planting churches or house churches in every county in our state. Check us out everywhere.

Webpage: riseindiana.church

Instagram: @riseindiana

Facebook: @riseindianachurch

Twitter: @riseindiana

And add us to your prayer list, that the Rise Church would continue to grow and saturate our entire state.