I met Svetlana at my work place. She worked in the company that supplies us with cloth. We had only a working relationship and I had never told her about God and my beliefs. But earlier in the year I heard that she got cancer. Later I found out that she was getting worse and she became paralyzed. My first thought was: “I need to call her and reach out.” But it was replaced by doubts. “What will she say?” “We don’t know each other.” “What if she doesn’t want to talk with me?” But God wouldn’t leave me alone and the Spirit compelled me to call her. I messaged her on April 4 and asked her to meet and talk about Christ. She sent me a short answer: “Come.” I was very surprised. It was the beginning of her journey to salvation. I came to her every Sunday and we read the Bible and prayed. We messaged each other throughout the week. For Svetlana, April was a time of spiritual fight. She didn’t want to accept her disease. She wanted to live but every day she was getting weaker. She had a lot of plans and hoped for God’s healing. She prayed for opportunity to come to the church meeting by her own. It hurt to see her suffering but all I could say was, “God has a plan and we cannot know his thoughts.” I told her, “You need to repent and to be baptized for getting salvation.” I told her about heaven, salvation, hope, God’s love and forgiveness. At last Svetlana said, “I want to be with you. I want to have the same conviction that you have.” After all her doubts, after she overcame her pride and accepted God’s promises with faith, Svetlana was baptized on April 30, 2018. And in early June she passed away. I was touched by this story. I remember Svetlana with great joy and awe. Again I saw that God loves us very much. He desires to have close relationships with us. He wants us to be with him in heaven. In spite of 50 years of a life of sin, God guided Svetlana on the path to salvation and gave her five weeks on earth to live in Christ with joy and holiness. It was amazing! It is a real miracle! I am happy to be a witness of God’s work in human life. I realize that there are many people and God wants to save all of them. I realize that I have a choice who to follow: my fears or the Holy Spirit. I want to take part in God’s miracles. Shared from ncoc.ru