Here is the INB for this week!

The International News Bulletin is a service to help connect disciples and churches around the world. Each week we present a new template dated for the coming Sunday. 

Just download this template which has news from around the world and links to more stories on For the other side of your bulletin, you can download the attached template for local news and stories in your ministry, house church, etc. This makes for an easy “Page 2” for your local congregation’s bulletin! If you already have a bulletin, you can simply print the INB as a two-sided insert to your current publication.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Email for a sample template that you can format for your local church’s information.
  2. Download this week’s INB by clicking on the link below.
  3. Add your information: announcements, events, contact information, missions news, etc. into the template. The outside of the bulletin will already be prepared with news and headlines from Disciples Today.
  4. Print out as many copies as you need. You many print them in color or black and white. Or you can send the templates by email to your favorite quick print shop and have them print and fold them for you.

What does it cost?

  • This is a free service provided to you by Disciples Today to inform, inspire and connect disciples and churches around the world.

How often will this be provided?

  • We offer this service weekly with the exception of our volunteer editors’ vacations, etc.

Click on the following links to download:

A huge thanks to Laura and David Witt of the Denver Church of Christ for designing and editing the INB.

Please let us know how you are using it and send us any suggestions for improvement to