In the past several years podcasting has exploded in popularity, and what’s not to like about it? You can find a podcast on just about any topic, from deep spiritual conversations to shows about running a successful pet sitting business (no joke!).

And with the rise of podcasting many of our members and churches have started podcasts of their own, either as extensions of their personal teaching ministry or to share sermons and workshops with their members.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of It’s a free website that features a list of spiritually-nourishing podcasts from around the fellowship.

You’ll find podcasts from some of your favorite teachers (All Things to All People with Michael Burns or the Douglas Jacoby Podcast), discussions that explore the intersection between our faith and the broader scientific world (Truth Trauma Theology and Whispers of the Supernatural), practical advice for how to be an effective disciple (Practical Christian), and so much more.

So check out to find your next bingeworthy podcast!