Despite the pandemic and the social distancing restrictions, Charmaine got baptized on August 9. Many witnessed the baptism via Zoom. It was such a touching moment to see this teenager finally reconciled with God after studying the Bible for years.

Charmaine is a kingdom kid that grew up in the Hong Kong church, who always knows what she ought to do in order to be liked. For a long time, she stressed trying to make everything perfect. Diligent and determined, Charmaine worked hard to finish every Bible study, yet never did she really understand what it meant to have a relationship with God. She struggled with viewing God is demanding and hard to please.

But, the story doesn’t end here. God never gave up on Charmaine. Instead, He sent families and youth workers in the church to help her out. Charmaine’s heart gradually softened as she was supported and loved in the church, especially when she encountered frustrations at school. She was encouraged to study the Bible once again, this time, not to achieve anything but to know her God for real.

Charmaine realized she had been living in pride and selfishness as she only lived for herself. When Charmaine understood Jesus was crucified on the cross for her, she was convicted that it is only God that she has to please and she does not need to be perfect to serve God. From then on, she had no doubt that God is her first priority in life. “I am so grateful for God as He gave me the second chance to seek Him. It will be my honor to serve Him in the future,” Charmaine said.

It takes a village to raise a kid. There was so much love and patience behind the change of a kingdom kid. The godly love of the parents, the families and the workers all guided Charmaine back to God. Charmaine’s change encouraged everyone who witnessed!

May the glory be to God!