The Ivory Coast church appointed Yapi Didier and Yanzeu Guy Merlin as evangelists on December 26, 2021.

Yapi Emmanuel Didier was born on July 1, 1967. in Ivory Coast. He was baptized on June 18, 1996 in Abidjan. From 1997 to 2021, he lead Many sectors in Abidjan like: Koumassi Adjamé. From March 1999 to July 2012, he lead a church in Niamey (Niger). In August 2012 to 2016, he lead a church in Kara (Togo). In July 2016, he came back in Ivory Coast and lead ICOC Bouaké. Since April 30th, 2021, he supervise a church in the North of Ivory Coast called Korhogo.

Yapi married Kimou Nanamo Sophie on October 21, 2002. They have 3 children : Prince Koffi, Samad Yapi and Kim Kora Martinienne.

Yanzeu Guy Merlin was born on June 10, 1979 in Cameroon (Central Africa). He was baptized on December 9, 2005. In September 2007, He joined the ministry as intern with Beam Foundation. In 2010, he served the church in Abidjan as a volunteer in EST2 region.

He also built the deaf Ministry of Ivory Coast. In 2019, He started the deaf Ministry in Yamoussoukro, Korogho. In September 2021, he coached a deaf disciple to travel in Burundi and help to build the deaf Ministry of Bujumbura church.

In 2020, Yanzeu became the Regional Communication’s Director of West French Africa.

Yanzeu married Léonce Eriquesince on August 14, 2014. They have 3 beautiful daughters: Yanzeu Tchebetchou Anaïa Marvel, Yanzeu Feumba Méraya Emmanuelle and, Yanzeu Kegnoukeu Semika Ivane.