“… We will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD, about his power and his mighty wonders.” – Psalm 78:4

We are thrilled and grateful that God has raised up Justin Renton as the new leader for Disciples Today. Justin is the lead evangelist for the Johannesburg Church of Christ and he and his wife Irene chair the Southern Africa Region of Churches for the International Churches of Christ. You can get to know Justin by watching this great video of his father’s becoming a disciple of Jesus (including his days as a race car driver). And you can get a glimpse of Justin and Irene’s hearts from their excellent book Healing of A Wounded Idealist.

In 2013 the Disciples Today Board developed a Strategic Plan which included future leadership transitions. With much prayer and discussion, the plan to find a new leader culminated with the appointment of Justin in March 2020. There was been an overlapping period until my retirement in August 2020. We all truly believe God answered our prayers by preparing Justin for many years with his involvement in kingdom communications, and his heart for unity among churches. When we submitted our decision to the ICOC Regional Chairs and the Catalyst Team, they unanimously and enthusiastically affirmed Justin’s appointment!

Justin was trained in the ministry by Mike Taliaferro and worked for years with ICOC Hot News and Disciples Today. He also serves on the ICOC Communications Service Team. He personally led the team that corrected our Wikipedia page and the ICOC Task Force that created the role of Regional Communications Directors and the new ICOC icon. He has a great grasp of communications and the heart and vision to move it forward. In fact, check out his new Disciples Today Podcast.

Disciples Today leadership is taking on a new paradigm with no full-time employees; the CEO role is now divided into part-time positions. The Johannesburg church board was excited for Justin to take on this important role. His title with Disciples Today will be Chief Evangelist (CEO).

Lai-Yan Faller continues as our excellent editor for DisciplesToday.org. Several others help Disciples Today as volunteers and part-time. Click here to see the staff.

Communication is crucial to unity. As a movement of over 700 churches in 150 countries, communications continually help us stay connected, informed, and inspired. I am deeply grateful to God and each person involved for the sacrifices and the commitment to Disciples Today as our ICOC communications arm. It is a growth step for our movement to have a disciple outside of North America lead an international effort for us. Please give him your love, prayers, and support as you have me for so many years. I look forward to how God will take our movement and Disciples Today farther than ever to accomplish his purposes as we continue to “tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders.”